Calix Slow Speed

Calix Slow Speed

  1. Locate your modem and router, shown in image, and unplug the power cables. You should see all lights power off both units.
  2. Verify your modem and router cables are connected properly.

    1. Fiber cable - Verify that the fiber cable is connected in the optical/ GPON port on the modem and to the wall.
    2. Ethernet - Verify that the cable is connecting the modem and router. On the modem, make sure that the ethernet is in port1, following to the router in the WAN port. If the cables are not in the correct location, you will need to move them.

  3. Plug modem power cable back in.
    1. Notice: The lights on the modem will flash and light up. Allow the modem up to 5 minutes to finish processing. After the modem is online, plug your router power cable back in.
  4. Open a brower on a laptop or cellular device and proceed to run a speed test from the following site.
  5. Is the internet still slow? Try testing from another device to determine if it an issue specific to one device or the whole household. Contact us to continue troubleshooting.

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